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Temporada #3 Episódio #24

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Dancing in Class

Georgia is sitting in class. Her professor is standing in front of the room. He is talking. He’s talking a lot. Georgia thinks he is always talking a lot! She is finding the class a bit boring. 

In Georgia’s mind, she is doing something else. In Georgia’s imagination, she is not sitting in class. She is dancing on the stage in front of hundreds of people. She’s wearing a beautiful costume. She’s tapping. She is twirling. She is spinning on one leg.

The stage lights are shining in her eyes. She is closing her eyes and concentrating on the music. She is having so much fun! Her heart is beating fast.

The music is changing. She is changing costumes. Now she is dancing again. She is kicking her feet. She is leaping. She is flying through the air.

Soon, she is finishing her show. The audience is standing on their feet. They are clapping and shouting, “bravo! Bravo!“ Georgia is taking a bow. Georgia is smiling for the cameras. “Bravo! Bravo!“ She is having so much fun!


Georgia’s classmates are staring at her.

“Georgia?“ Her professor is saying, looking at her with concern. He is not teaching anymore.

“Yes?“ Georgia is feeling a bit embarrassed. Her cheeks are getting red.

“Are you feeling OK? You are shouting ‘Bravo! Bravo!’ In class. ““Oh yes, Professor. Sorry. I am just enjoying the class so much! Bravo! Bravo!”

 | Questions
| Where is Georgia now?
| What is she doing?
| Who is standing in front of the room?
| What is the professor doing?
| What does Georgia think of the class?
| What is Georgia doing in her imagination?
| Where is she dancing?
| What is she wearing?
| How is she dancing?
| What is happening on the stage?
| How is she feeling?
| Music?
| Costumes?
| Her feet?
| Leap?
| The air?
| When is he imaginary show finishing?
| How is the audience reacting?
| What is the audience doing?
| What is Georgia doing at the the end of the show?
| Back in the class. What are her classmates doing?
| What is her professor doing?
| How is Georgia feeling?
| What does Georgia say?